What is Motion Evolution?

Our mission is to serve as a world-class center for innovative resources and inspired thinking for wellness and fitness programs; and to add value to existing or new programs.

We are:

  • an Educational Partner, featuring award-winning curriculum and marketing systems.
  • a Team of deeply-experienced learning and operations Professionals.
  • a Network of cognitive development and physical literacy providers.
  • a source for evidenced-based equipment to advance your new or existing programs. 
  • an Integrative approach incorporating research into your new or existing programs.

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Ages 6 months to 6 years
Making a difference for
those with Special Needs!

Elementary School ages
Fit for Life at all ages!
Adaptable to any setting!
Base Training for a range of Sports!
"Ways to Play" with Motion Evolution

* Program Curriculums - Motion Evolution provides out-of-the-box resources and programs.

* Collaboration - connect with us to find out mutually-beneficial partnerships. Together, we can create amazing outcomes!

* Consulting - our Team is ready to assist you with their experienced perspectives.

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How do the Motion Evolution programs compare with the current standards?
Motion Evolution® exceeds state school wellness guidelines, surpasses the ACE® youth exercise guidelines, goes beyond the NASPE® program and the Cooper Institutes Fitnessgram®.
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