Child Care Centers and Preschools

Your needs. MoEv resources.

Motion Evolution programs are a great way to integrate additional value into your Child Care Center(s) programs:

* Enables you to meet and exceed NASPE
  standards for infants, toddlers, preschoolers
* Postions you as a leader in promoting child     
  health and wellness
* Increases retention, referrals, and new student
  enrollment by adding value
* Teacher certification and yearly workshops meet
  education credit requirements for staff
* Consulting provides creative ideas for program
   growth and quality
* Resources and programming provide a hedge
  against childhood obesity
* Increases brain pathways and prepares brain for
  cognitive learning

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How do I get started?

Motion Evolution licensing provides an out-of-the-box set of resources and programs.

To find out more about licensing any number of the Motion Evolution programs, review the Option Charts below, then fill in the form on the Contact Us page. You will receive an immediate email response with complete information.