Early Motions

Early Motions
is broken down into Baby Motion (6-18 mos) and Toddler Motion (19-36 mos), which flow directly into the Preschool Motion programs (ages 4-6 yrs).

When early experiences are positive and rewarding, children are eager to participate. Strong motor skills provide confidence that enable kids to enjoy playing sports because they have the tools to be successful.

Positive emotions are linked to physical activity and kids are more likely to participate into adulthood. Daily activity helps develop healthy habits that endure for a lifetime.

Motor skills are as important as academics in the education of our children. Physical literacy through Early Motions helps in prevention of obesity and contributes to future health, intelligence, and confidence.

Early Motions provides the foundation for an active, healthy future. It is a life-long gift for children!

Early Motions package options include:
  • Instructor Training
  • Lesson Plans
  • Marketing Materials
  • Case Studies
  • Operational Support (nutrition, games, brain body research)

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