Mobile Motions

Any of our programs can go mobile with ease!

Because of the minimal equipment required to implement the Motion Evolution programs, it is an easy program to bring into your site.

With today's budget cuts and time restraints, many schools and organizations simply do not have the resources to offer a quality fitness and wellness program on their own.

This is an area where Motion Evolution shines!

Create a win-win-win for your school or organization, the parents and the children by bringing the Motion Evolution programs directly to your site.

Using either the Prime Motions or Early Motions programs, Mobile Motions is perfect for:

  • Public, private, or charter schools
  • City Recreation centers, YMCA's, health clubs
  • Existing Children’s Activity Centers of any type
  • Child care centers 
  • Afterschool and camp programs 
  • Homeschool organizations
  • Many other locations

Choose an Industry Sector to see what fits best!

Mobile Motions package options include: 

  • Instructor Training
  • Lesson Plans
  • Marketing Materials 
  • Case Studies
  • Operational Support (nutrition, games, brain body research)

Because everything is in one place, it is easy for  instructors to access what is needed to for each program. Click the photo above to order!