Prime Motions

Designed for all children, from those who need a gentle introduction to physical activity, to those who want to enhance and improve their current physical abilities. There are no physical prerequisites to get started. Prime Motions classes are flexible in both length of the term and duration of the class.

A typical class is 50-55 minutes, with the option for multiple classes each week. This unique blend of core stabilization, strength, aerobic endurance and mobility (flexibility over a range of motion) over a wide range of physical movement is not only physically sound, it's FUN for children! With no emphasis on comparisons or competition, children move on to the next Prime Motions level at their own personal pace! 

Prime Motions programs develop:

Physical Activity

      Functional Movement & Mobility

Coordination & Motor Development
Speed, Quickness & Agility
Power, Strength & Muscular Endurance
Dynamic Flexibility, ROM, & Body Control
Fitness & Conditioning

Cognitive Conditioning

Rhythmic-Patterning Skills
Hand-Eye & Foot-Eye Coordination & Accuracy
Court-Field Awareness & Game Strategy
Focus & Concentration
Sensory Integration


Social, Intra-Relational & Group Interaction
Sports Preparation, Participation & Skill Development
Teamwork, Inclusion, Bonding & Active Play
Self-Confidence & Personal Esteem
      Character Building; Commitment
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Prime Motions package options include: 

  • Instructor Training
  • Lesson Plans
  • Marketing Materials 
  • Case Studies
  • Operational Support (nutrition, games, brain body research)

Because everything is in one place, it is easy for  instructors to access what is needed to for each program. Click the photo above to order!