Senior (Golden) Motions

It is never too late to learn, gain strength and flexibility, and increase your movement ability!

Senior Motions is a group physical activity program for older adults designed by Motion Evolution.  Functional fitness and experiencing the joy of movement are the primary purposes of Senior Motions.  

An added benefit is brain health. A growing body of science links regular (even modest) physical activity to improved mental functioning and decreasing rates of cognitive decline.

Sessions or classes are designed to improve muscle strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and Physical Literacy.  Physical literacy is a comprehensive set of physical skills to engage in any physical activity and everyone can learn them!  Like academic literacy, physical literacy does not happen spontaneously and cannot be left to chance - it must be purposeful and planned.  Physical literacy enhances personal confidence and joy in movement.   

Senior Motions sessions or classes are 30 to 60 minutes long and are designed to be offered two or three times a week.  Classes will encourage everyone to move and learn at their own pace.  Our goal is to help older adults maintain an independent and confident lifestyle.  All participants will feel respected and will focus on personal improvement and fun.  

By using a combination of customized Fit Loop Circuits, Balancing work, and the innovated Creative Motion grid, participants will feel encouraged to make personal improvements.

Join us and have fun with other older adults who want to improve their health, confidence, and reduce their risk of falling.

The enthusiastic Senior Motions instructors are able to adapt to diverse age and ability levels.

Live Stonger. Live Longer.

Special Motions package options include: 

  • Instructor Training
  • Lesson Plans
  • Marketing Materials
  • Case Studies
  • Operational Support (nutrition, games, brain body research)

Because everything is in one place, it is easy for  instructors to access what is needed to for each program. Click the photo above to order!   

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