Healthcare Programs - Insurers and Employers

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Healthcare Segment:

* Allied HCPs – ex. Nutritionists can add a credible physical activity component to become complete wellness providers; Physical Therapists can extend rehabilitation services into the prehabilition/preventive and long-term client retention focused on movement principles to expand practice
* Me
dical Providers – ex. Can move further downstream in medical model to treat childhood obesity, leading charge in a multi-disciplinary environment
* Clinics – Wellness clinics can extend reach from adult/parent to child, ie, medi-spa for children
* Health Plans and Insurers – Facilitate attraction of healthier members, ergo, lower costs to plan to treat; gain access to a MoEv network or affiliates who all utilize same programs and principles and pay for Network Access on a $PMPM basis and create added-value for premiums to their insured employers. MoEv accessible under ASN.

How do we get started?

Motion Evolution provides "out-of-the-box" sets of resources and programs.

To find out more about the Motion Evolution programs, fill in the form on the Contact Us page. You will receive an immediate email response with complete information. 

We would love to partner with you to develop both short and long term strategies.

Employment Segment:

Great for Employers!

* Happier and healthier employees
* Improve productivity and morale
* Reduce absenteeism, lower turnover
* Lower your insurance expenses through fitter families
* Attract healthier workers
* Do the “right thing” for your community
* Annual fee based on employee population * Recognition on MoEv corporate website
* Potential to reduce Workers’ Compensation premiums
Great for Your Employees!

* Families feel better and healthier
* A great addition to your health benefits
* Year-round open enrollment
* No processing fee
* Discounted rates – cheaper than child care!
* Easy monthly payment memberships
* Shuttle pick-up after-school options
* Nutrition workshops
* Happy kids
* Flex 125B eligible