Gymco, Inc. (Michigan, USA)

We currently utilize the Motion Evolution curriculum and resources to enrich Gymco’s existing programs and classes. The addition of MoEv activities to class lesson plans provides a richer and more varied experience for our students.
The MoEv games, physical literacy stations and fitness activities increase the pace and excitement of class time. This adds value for our students and provides an advantage over competitors in our geographic area.   The MoEv training materials contribute to ongoing staff education.  MoEv articles and nutritional information provide ready-made contributions for newsletters and handouts.  

Salem Sports Center (North Carolina, USA)

Prime Motions as stand-alone program:

Salem Fitkids operates out of a 40’ x 16’ fitness room inside our center. It is filled with equipment such as medicine balls, cones, hoops, therabands, jump ropes, and much more plus youth fitness machines, Dance Dance Revolution, and Nintendo Game Bikes. The Prime Motions curriculum is the foundation of these classes, adapted to add in the fitness machines and video games.  The program could be run effectively without the machines in a room half our size.

Mobile Motions as Outreach:

Salem uses a combination of Mobile Motions guidelines and Prime Motions curriculum peppered with basic gymnastics skills to offer “Fit-nastics” in the local elementary schools. This program is wildly popular with the faculty, parents, and children. It is introduced as a free demo class during one PE rotation, and then offered as an extracurricular after school program for 6 weeks. Students are invited to turn in their completed nutrition sheets for a free class at our main gym.

Prime Motions morphed with gymnastics:

Fit-nastics classes were recently added to the offerings at our main gym and were an instant hit. Students spend approx 20 minutes doing basic gymnastic skills such as rolls, cartwheels, and jumping in the “pit”, then move into the Fitkids room for a MoEv workout.

Sports Motion as Sports Basics:

This class is very popular with preschool aged boys. They like the sport focus of the class, and many parents who may see gymnastics as a sport for girls are drawn to the Sports Motion curriculum.

Wings Center (Idaho, USA)

  • Fitness Specialty Classes: If you already have established gymnastics, cheerleading, dance or martial arts classes, it is harder to get “stand-alone” classes going unless you have (a) a small dedicated space to give the impression of a “real” program, and (b) an absolutely qualified (personal training background), enthusiastic and dedicated program leader. These specialty classes must have the full support of the overall business, and must follow the LAUNCH READY LAUNCH GO recommendations.
  • Private or Semi-Private Lessons: This is great for both brand new, very tentative students, or for special needs students. This format makes it personal and completely non-threatening. Many students do not do well with the “comparisons” to other children, and need to feel at ease to exercise at all. 
  • Enhance Current Program and Activities: This is the area in which we have had the most success, utilizing the Motion Evolution curriculum and resources to enrich existing classes, afterschool and camp programs. The MoEv games, physical literacy stations and fitness activities increase the pace and excitement of class time. This adds value for our students and provides an advantage over competitors in our geographic area.   The MoEv training materials contribute to ongoing staff education.  
Mobile Programs: We are exploring creative partnerships with government agencies, hospitals, senior centers, youth sports organizations, scout organizations, local schools and preschools. We plan to expand our community partnerships and grow the programs.  

Barron Gymnastics (Missouri, USA)

Motion Evolution has been a very successful program at Barron Gymnastics. It has allowed for us to diversify our offerings by providing a program that is unique. As a result, other children’s activity centers in our area do not have anything quite like it. The countless resources that are offered through Motion Evolution, including curriculum, staff training, nutritional handouts, etc., provide quality information for your staff.  

Initially, the Motion Evolution program was utilized at Barron Gymnastics as a strategic tool to increase our daytime numbers. It allows for us to reach out to the home school demographic by providing them with a Physical Education program that is much more appealing than any other P.E. program in the area.

Motion Evolution’s unique and fun approach to fitness for children immediately causes any home school child to gravitate towards our classes. We offer these classes alongside our daytime home school gymnastics classes. As a result, more than one child in a family signs up even if their interests may be different.

Achieve Children’s Health and Fitness (New Mexico, USA)

Fifteen years ago we opened our gymnastics center to focus on early child development - Fundamentals Gymnastics Just for Kids. The program was an outcrop of working with many children that had developmental challenges. There is now much research showing that complex movement has a profound effect on early brain development. We had the opportunity to develop curriculum that uses movement to help the brain make connections and develop. Focusing on concentration, memory, processing information, problem solving and social development allows children gain capacities that will help them be successful in school.

With the help of 3rd Level Consulting, over the last five years we started working to re-align our organization under our original mission. We were in a market with a number of full service gymnastics centers. We were all competing for the same small market share of gymnastics families.

Becoming part of the Motion Evolution founding group has provided me with ongoing direction and inspiration. Over the last year and a half, we transformed Fundamentals Gymnastics into “Achieve Children’s Health and Fitness - A Motion Evolution Location” We no longer require a large facility, big overhead or a big staff to accomplish our goals.

FUZE Fit For A Kid! (California, USA)

 FUZE Fit For A Kid!® has operated as a stand-alone children’s fitness center for the past four years, worked with over 10,000 children and spent 7,500 instructor hours to identify, create and implement a workable, age-appropriate, developmental and general athletic conditioning program, and a profitable business. We work predominantly with children K-8th grade of all shapes, sizes, needs, desires and dreams. Our program is, admittedly, unique from a number of vantage points.

The constant thread to any beneficial program, regardless of facility design or materials, is movement that is based on a credible curriculum such that instructors can easily implement the program, but also have the latitude and encouragement that permit for flexibility based on group dynamics and the needs of our community – THIS IS THE MOTION EVOLUTION™ program – and by offering programs with a beginning –middle – end in mind, kids not only respond, they blossom.

In particular, we are proud of our association and our founding group’s commitment to create fact-based physical activity and wellness solutions for children’s activity centers and the children they cater to. We appreciate the commitment that those within this “space” are demonstrating to make a difference in the lives and futures of children today.

Specific programs that incorporate MoEv principles at FUZE Fit For A Kid! include our SPORTS FiT, GAME FiT and FLEX FiT programs for kids and teens. Whether a child is a budding star athlete or a “newbie” to fitness, the curricula, in particular for the SPORTS FiT classes, will accommodate each child’s ability, motivation, and with quality coaching, retention over time.

Of importance for our programs, is that through MoEv we have become more aware of the need to regularly provide for a dynamic warm-up, run our programs, and incorporate applicable nutritional pointers and flyers for the kids and for their parents; this is also a valuable service for our Mobile and Afterschool Programs, and even our Camps and Parties.

It has also opened doors for us to leverage relationships with local schools and recreation departments. Parents commend our willingness and goal to provide for a “real” fitness and conditioning program often because there is no such available during the school day due to budget cuts. Coaches utilize our programs for off-season conditioning to ready their young athletes.